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My holidays {Preview}

Me and my family spent two weeks in Provence (France), enjoying some beautiful pools. And plenty of relaxation…

These pics are made using an analogic disposable waterproof camera.

It’s a very cheap camera finded in a supermarket. 800 ISO. I think it could be a 35mm f/8 or something similar, but I can’t be sure about it. I don’t know. Anyway, a very lo-fi result! And I like the spontaneity and imperfection of film, in this case. You get the right touch of drama and fun. Mixed at best.

This is only a preview. Stay tuned. Full series will arrive soon.

All pics are SOOC, of course. Lo-fi is lo-fi. You cannot make it worse!

buttha - oh, questa sì che è una sorpresa!

paolo mezzera - Contento che ti piaccia 🙂
Scanner a parte (che mi fa sempre impazzire), sono abbastanza soddisfatto. Il tono delle foto é comunque molto semplice e senza alcuna pretesa. Ma divertenti. Da fare e da vedere.

iko - la mano del fotografo fa la differenza!

a day at the zoo

A sunday afternoon with my children and some relatives. They had built a big swimming pool in a corn field.

My children were quite puzzled…

I love prime lenses. All the pics in this series are made using the amazing Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L, wide open at f/1.4. It was a test of my lens, just arrived. And now I love it!