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film [a birthday party]

First roll with my last purchase: a Canon Eos3.

Some pics of my son’s birthday party.

This was a test, so I used a very cheap roll (Kodak Color Plus 200). But the magic is the amazing lens 24mm f/1.4, that makes everything beautiful, especially on film. The camera is 35mm format and is very interesting. First of all you can use all the EF lenses, that you use on digital EOSs. Then it’s a very advanced body, full of functions and useful tools.

Just for fun, enjoy my test shots.

{Wedding} Linda & Giacomo

Linda from Sweden. Giacomo from Italy. They live in London. Their wedding… in Piedmont.

What a beautiful party.

No classic white wedding dress, no wedding cake, no group pictures, … but just joy, relaxation, happiness and fun.

Believe me, it was a wonderful party!

I shot some pictures of their spontaneous joy, and it was really a great pleasure for me.

Thanks Linda, thanks Giacomo. I wish you all the best!

Mario Colli - I love you storytelling.. Good job 😉