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{Wedding} Valeria & Marcello

A snowy day in Milan.
Friends, family, art, good food. And good music.
Lovable. Relaxed. And genuine.
When Valeria told me about their story and their wedding party, I immediately knew that this wedding would be special. And I could not miss it.
So here it is.

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Luciano - REally nice series. You have managed to capture the mood and emotions. Congratulations.

Balancing 2013

A good year!

Yes, I am satisfied. And yes… I know: there is a long way to go.
But 2013 was a good year.
I have to thank (Thanks!) all the people I met during this year, and wish everyone a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014.

A small collection of my photographs taken in 2013. Take a look.


My Nico

This is not about photography. It’s about me and my little girl.

I am home sick these days. And she is home sick too.

She is my princess. Even she is angry, she is always beautiful!

Today I found these pictures in my archive…