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matrimoni e ritratti di famiglia

{Wedding} Linda & Giacomo

Linda from Sweden. Giacomo from Italy. They live in London. Their wedding… in Piedmont. What a beautiful party. No classic white wedding dress, no wedding cake, no group pictures, … but just joy, relaxation, happiness and fun. Believe me, it was a wonderful party! I shot some pictures of their spontaneous joy, and it was really […]

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{Wedding} Michela & Federico

Michy & Fede Montecarlo. An international wedding. Well, i really don’t have words to describe how fun was this party. A friend of them told me that they “have the gift of having fun”. The gift of having fun! What a cool concept that is. I’ve thought about it a bit. And more. And now […]

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{Wedding} Noemi & Andrea

Some pics from a wedding I shot some months ago in Turin. Noemi and Andrea, a very young couple, and an exciting ceremony. Really romantic. I love this old-style-black&white look, so I selected some pictures and re-edited them. Just for fun. And here they are.

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