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portraits of a girl

My little sister-in-law. My wife’s sister. Her name is Elisabetta, and she is twelwe.

I experiment with her, trying to define my portraiture style. Since 2009 I have been shooting many portraits of her, always experimenting more and more. Below some examples.

What is interesting in her face? Why is a good model for me? Well, it is certainly a number of things: freckles, eyes, mouth, hair, ears, etc… But first of all it’s her personality. She has a strong personality and this is the most important thing in model selection. For me, of course. I consider a beautiful subject a model with an interesting personality. Not for his/her body.

I’m always looking for new models.

If you like my style, if you are interested in my kind of portraiture, if you want to be a model, if you want to be photographed by me… don’t hesitate to contact me!

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