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We were children

I was rearranging my family albums, and I decided to show you a selection of pictures of the last two months.

Some from our trip in France…



… and then at home …


pollo - la foto verticale con i due figli, uno sul triciclo e l’altro a piedi che piange (fuori fuoco) mi fa spanciare.. ahahahah

paolo mezzera - … sono due grandi attori! Ciao pollo 🙂

paolo mezzera - PS: grazie iko

One month in London

Yes, yes, yes!!!
I have been invited to show this photograph in London, in an amazing group exhibition.

It’s a pic that I shot in Venice last year. There is a story behind the shot, of course, but I would not tell it. So you have to imagine it ; -)

The subject is a friend of mine, and he’s also a talented photographer.

Take a look at his website!

About my photograph, if you like, take a look at the full pic. Here is the link:

Elena Pirogova (website), who is the photographer that selected it, said that “The picture is done with good sense of humour and at the same time it is a decent portrait reflecting sitter’s personality and lets you read a story in his eyes. The contrast between the flirty looking apron and the taught looking character set in a rough enviroment is just magnificent. I can easily imagine a portrait like this in such magazines as Esquire. Great work!”

Well, thanks a lot!

Today I received the poster you see here above, and I’m very honored by this invitation.

The exhibition opens at theprintspace gallery at 74 Kingsland Road on Thursday, 8 November from 7pm-9:30pm with drinks provided. Then continues from 9 to 30 November, Monday-Friday 9am-7pm. Admission free!

So, if you go over there…

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{Wedding} Michela & Federico

Michy & Fede

Montecarlo. An international wedding.

Well, i really don’t have words to describe how fun was this party. A friend of them told me that they “have the gift of having fun”. The gift of having fun! What a cool concept that is. I’ve thought about it a bit. And more. And now I think this is the best statement to describe this amazing couple.

Dear friends, thanks for giving me the opportunity to record your special day. I wish you all the best!